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Where To Buy Klonopins

Briefing  15 mn on the beach in the national parc of Tanikely, 5 mn skills in shallow water and after that exploration until 35 feet hand by hand with your diving instructor.

Scuba diver : 200 euros

diver who can dive until 12 m with a diving instructor ( it s almost half  open water training .
2 days training ( 10 years old minimum).

Open water diver :365 euros

The “first”diving level , diver who will be able to dive until 60 feet.
3 days training ( 10 years old mini).

Spécialties :

19 specialties are avalaible with scuba nosy be  : wreck, deep,stress and rescue,buyancy,photo-vidéo, navigation , boat diving ,nitrox ,  marine écologie,diving gear, fish identifaction ,corail identification, computer diving, shark, wave-tide-current,science of diving.
duration : look at the page “price”.

Advanced Adventurer : 290 euro

For the diver who don t know at all which specialties he want do
5 dives ( first specialties dive).

Advanced open water diver :

4 Spécialities + at least  24 dives ( log in your log book)

Master diver :

4 spécialities + stress and rescue +at least  50 dives must be done in your log book.

Where To Buy Klonopins