We offer you the opportunity of diving on the Radama islands!  Rather than a cruise package, we have chosen two other options. Here’s why :

First reason : comfort! Not to be sniffed at, because after three dives, a beautiful hotel room, a good restaurant, a swimming pool and a magnificent beach are more than welcome!

Second reason : speed! The best dives in the Radama are to the south of the islands. With our fast boat (cruising speed12-14 knots), when we set off from Nosy Be on the first day, we can offer you two dives on the way –  before you arrive at your hotel in the evening. On the second day (instead of the third) you will already be diving on the spots to the south of the Radama Islands!  A whole day gained! And the same thing goes for the return! Besides, with the fast boat, planning three dives every day and a night dive is no problem at all.

Third reason : for those on a tight budget, the diving club offers the option of bivouacking on Antanimora island, in the heart of a local Malagassy village, with access to all the cruise diving sites! Enjoy the picturesque atmosphere of a fishing village and the simple comfort of a rustic bungalow equipped with a double bed located right on the beach, along with good food, and 2 or 3 dives a day (or even a night dive as well)!

Whether you come individually or as part of a group, diving on the Ramada Islands is always an option, as we also have a diving centre on Antanimora Island. Transfer to the island is free on Saturdays, paying the other days.

Safety: divers on the catamaran can use Nitrox (maximum 2 divers per trip), and /or do the 3-5m security stops on pure oxygen – no specific training needed!

Bivouac on the Radama islands

. Bivouac: Advantages: the price, excellent value for money.  Camp in the Antanimora site, on the edge of an idyllic beach. One of the most beautiful spots in all Madagascar!

You get to stay just next to a Malagassy fishing village and mingle with the population, discover how fishermen live in Madagascar. The diving boat is very  comfortable : a 15m x 5m catamaran. No cabins – the boat is used only for diving. There are plenty of mattresses, in the shade and with air circulating freely, for you to rest between dives, and a large space to get equipped.

The stay is also open to non-divers : discover the beach, sand-bank, forest and the fishing village with its local population…

The bivouac is in a small Malagassy-style canvas bungalow equipped with a mosquito net and a double bed The number of people per stay is limited to 12, and two diving guides.

For groups (private stay) the limit is 18 people maximum.

The only drawback is that there are no waves to rock you to sleep at night!

Shower and toilets on the boat, and a shower on the campsite as well, basic but clean!

Length of stay 4 days 3 nights 5 days 4 nights 6 days 5 nights 7 days 6 nights
Prices 540 € 690 € 840 € 990 €

Included:  2 dives a day with tanks and weights, all meals, drinks (in reasonable quantity) except wine.

Not included: diving equipment, visa, 02 decompression, transfer from the airport or elsewhere (can be organised). Third dive per day : 20€ per person, minimum 4 divers; night dive : 30€ per person, minimum 4 divers (+5€ if you rent a flashlight)

: Requirements for the bivouac stay

nuits 4 divers minimum for a 5 day/4 night stay; 5 divers minimum for a 4 day/3 night stay;

Private stays for groups of at least 8 people.

Maximum number (groups) : 18 divers

Hotel stay on the Radama Islands ( Antanimora island)

The advantages of this stay are immense : the comfort of a charming luxury hotel, beautiful large rooms, luxury suites, a restaurant, a huge swimming-pool, bars – and security! A good night’s sleep after 2, 3 or 4 dives a day is important!

2 options :

Hotel stay and dives on a motorised catamaran (advantages include a high standard of comfort, nitrox, meals on board, 2 or 3 dives a day, transfer and dives on the same day). Requirements:  departure guaranteed for 4 divers minimum for a 5 day/4 night stay; 5 divers minimum for a 4 day/3 night stay; private trips possible for 8 people (minimum) or more; groups limited to18 divers (maximum) . Night dives : 30€ per person, minimum 4 divers (+5€ if you rent a flashlight)

Hotel stay: advantage : open to individual divers. Free transfer on Saturdays (payable on other days), does not include dives. (Dives : 110€ /2 dives (55€/dive) but 70€ if only one dive. Flat rate for dives during stay (2 dives a day): 6 dives:290€ per person; 10 dives : 475€ per personne. First dive : 80€. Night dive: 75€ + 5€ (flashlight hire).

Included: full pension in the Radama islands (including wine and drinks), tanks and weights

Not included : diving equipment, airport transfer, visa.

Length of stay 4 days 3 nights 5 days 4 nights 6days 5 nights 7 days 6 nights
Prices 938 € 1219 € 1500 € 1781 €

The diving boat

The boat can house up to 40 divers on a day trip : we limit the number to 18, for groups, or 12 for individual divers. The catamaran is 15 m long and 5 m wide.

Plenty of space, lots of room to move about, get equipped, and to have a rest (mattresses available); showers, toilets, kitchen, sun deck,  hand lift to bring up the equipment …

A fast boat with a cruising speed of 12-15 knots.

Equipped with 2 compressors, nitrox.

Security : 2 x 50 litre oxygen tanks