Dive on Nosy Saba island (Madagascar), 135 km south of Nosy-Be

Choose between a comfortable hotel full of charm or a bivouac camping site

The Nosy Saba area is visited by very few divers (often too far for the cruise boats unless for a long stay). It is teeming with fish, and there is no one around either on or under the water: no fishermen, no divers,  you can easily come across megafauna on the Nosy Saba’s drop-offs.

The dive spots are amazing, for both the quality of the corals and the quantity of marine life.  Countless numbers of fish, particularly when the tide is rising.

Season: In October and May there may be strong winds (beginning and end of the windy season); from early November to end of April conditions are good, but the rainy season falls in December, January and February – the weather is often good during the day with rain at night, but if there is a cyclone tail there can be up to 7 days of rain!

In 18 years here, I have only seen bad weather (a cyclone) once in December. From early June to late September there is too much wind.

We offer you the opportunity to dive on Nosy Saba island, but we have chosen not to go for a cruise formula, for these reasons:

  • Comfort: after 3 dives, a nice hotel room, a good restaurant, a swimming pool, a superb beach are not to be sniffed at, and this also means there is much more space on the dive boat.
  • Speed : on our fast catamaran, you leave Nosy Be in the morning, arrive at your hotel in Nosy Saba in the evening, and still do 2 dives on the way!   From the second (not the third) day onwards, you will already be diving on the spots around Nosy Saba –  a whole day gained and the same goes for the return trip!  Given the speed of the boat, scheduling 3 day dives and one night dive is no problem at all.
  • Shorter stays (3 nights 4 days) can also be organised.
  • For those on a tight budget, the diving club offers a “bivouac camping” option.

Departure on the first day: 6.30 am, return on the last day: 5 pm

Bivouac out in the open

Camping on Nosy Saba is forbidden, so we camp on the mainland opposite, 6 km from the island.

  • Very nice beach, with a small fishing village nearby.
  • Within reach of small budgets and also available for stays of only 3 or 4 nights! Good value for money.

Rates :

Duration of stay 4 days 3 nights 5 days 4 nights 6 days 5 nights 7 days 6 nights
Rates 543  € 678 € 803 € 928 €

Stay in a luxury hotel on Nosy Saba

The advantages of this option are enormous: The comfort of a beautiful hotel, spacious rooms, luxury suites, a good restaurant, a superb swimming pool, bars … and safety-wise, the guarantee of a good sleep.  After 2, 3 or 4 dives per day, this is important!


Length of stay 4 days /3 nights 5 days /4 nights 6 days /5 nights  7 days /6 nights
Prices period A 07/07 – 12/09 et 22/12 – 10/01 995 €

1265 €

1535 €

1805 €

Prices period B 13/09 – 28/09 et 01/04 – 06/07

920 €

1165 €

1410 €

1655 €

Prices period C 29/09 et 21/12

875 €

1105 €

1335 €


Hotel prices do not include drinks. Lunch can be eaten at the hotel (20 € extra)