open water diver

1 st level diver who is trained which enables you to dive down to 18 m maximum ( 60 feet) (International diploma and valid for life)

Many specialites

To be ready for the other level. scuba rangers (children)-equipment techniques-waves,tides and currents-photo,video-perfect buoyancy-marine ecology-navigation-night and limited visibility-boat diving-react right-fish identification-deep diving-wreck diving-diver strss and rescue-sciance of diving-enriched air nitrox-deep diving-search and recovery.

Specialty diver

2 specialities 12 dives in the divelog

Advanced open water diver

4 specialties 24 dives in the dive log

Master diver

Stress and rescue, and 4 specialties 50 dives in the divelog

dive guide and divemaster

Becoming a diving professional

Assistant instructor

The steep befor to be an instructor.

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