A new cruise concept on Nosy Be island (Madagascar) with Scuby Nosy Be diving centre.

With this new concept we are pleased to offer a variety of different options:

  • First : comfortable accomodation – not a negligeable advantage, because after three dives, the limited space available on a ship or in a cabin is not as restful as a spacious hotel room, a good restaurant or a beautiful beach. We offer “cruise” diving sites far away from Nosy Be (too far to go there and back in one day) : les Radama and Nosy Saba, with accomodation in the Radama camp fishing hotel.
  • Second : speed. The best dives in the Radama are to the south of the islands; with our fast boat, diving can be programmed for the first day we set out from Nosy Be, before you arrive at your hotel in the evening. On the second (and not the third) day you will already be able to dive on the spots to the south of the Radama thereby gaining a whole day! The same thing goes for the return! Besides, with the fast boat, three dives a day can easily be programmed .
  • Third : for those on a tight budget, the diving club can offer an alternative option: Bivouac on the islands! With a stay in the heart of local Malagassy life, the cruise sites are accessible to all! Typical picturesque atmosphere next to the fishing village, basic comfort (camping), good food, and 3 dives a day in the Radama islands.
  • Scuba diving training is available during your cruise: for example Deep Dive, Nitrox, Advanced.

The cruise page on our internet site is under construction, for more information, please contact us by email: erwan.boulvais@yahoo.fr