Dive on Nosy Iranja, Radama, Nosy Saba, and Nosy Lava all in the same package
Bivouac camping : 2 nights in a tent, 2 nights in a traditional hut

This is only possible with a fast boat (motor-propulsed catamaran). Leave from Nosy Be, first night on the Radama islands (traditional hut), second night at Nosy Lava (bivouac camping), third night at Nosy Lava (bivouac camping), and last night on the Radama (traditional hut). For longer stays, many options are available (Nosy Iranja, Russian Bay, Baramai river…). On the first and last day, maximum 2 dives per day.

Dives : A “best of” of each region, no need to say more than that!

Season : October and May: strong winds are possible. Beginning of November to end of April: good but the rainy season falls in December January and February (the weather is often good during the day with rain at night, but if there is a cyclone tail, it can bring up to 7 days of rain!). In 18 years here,  I have only ever once experienced a cyclone tail in December. Beginning of June to end of September : too much wind.

Duration of stay 5 days /4 nights 6 days /5 nights 7 days /6 nights
Tarif 845 € 1025 € 1205 €