Dive in Mitsio (Madagascar), an archipelago north of Nosy Be

Choose between a “charming” hotel or a bivouac camp site

Diving on the Mitsio Islands : The Radama and the Mitsio islands are the two favourite destinations  for diving cruises. They are not far from Nosy Be and the dives are varied. Popular dive spots include: “Les Frères”, teeming with fish, very colourful and rich in coral; Castor”, an offshore site with more predators and pelagic species; the Tetons, full of small cavities, colourful, plenty of fish.

Season: In October and May there may be strong winds (beginning and end of the windy season); from early November to end of April conditions are good, but the rainy season falls in December, January and February – the weather is often good during the day with rain at night, but if there is a cyclone tail there can be up to 7 days of rain!

In 18 years here, I have only seen bad weather (a cyclone) once in December. From early June to late September there is too much wind.

We offer you the opportunity to dive on the Mitsio Islands, but we have chosen not to go for a cruise formula, for the following reasons:


  • After 3 dives, the comfort of a nice hotel room, a good restaurant, a swimming pool, a superb beach are not to be sniffed at, and this also means there is much more space on the dive boat.
  • With the fast catamaran, shorter stays (3 nights 4 days) can also be organised.
  • For those on a tight budget, the diving club offers a “bivouac camping” option

Stay on the Mitsio islands at Mitsio paradise hotel

Length of stay 3 days 4 nights 4 days 5 nights 5 days 6 nights 6 days 7 nights
Rates 663 € 843 € 1023 € 1203 €

Stay on the Mitsio islands, and camp out at the bivouac site

Bivouac camping on the Mitsio islands: dives, meals on the boat, walks in the interior of the island, campfire on the beach

Length of stay

4 days 3 nights 5 days 4 nights 6 days 5 nights 7 days 6 nights
Rates 560 € 700 € 840  €

980 €