The dive boat

The video at the bottom of the page will show you around the boat, the diving conditions and where you will spend a large part of your stay.

The boat can accommodate 40 divers on a day trip. We limit the number of divers on board to 16 if it is a group (so that it remains a pleasant experience for all), and to 12 for divers arriving separately. The catamaran is 15 m long and 5m wide.

It is very spacious, with plenty of room to move around, to gear up and to rest (mattresses), with a shower, WC, kitchen, sun deck, and a manual lift to bring up the equipment.

It is fast with a cruising speed of 12 knots.

Equipped with 2 compressors and nitrox.

Safety equipment includes 2 x 50l pure oxygen cylinders and what is needed to carry out RTI (Therapeutic Recompression by Immersion)  using the Clipperton method.

Plongée à Madagascar sur l'ile de Nosy Be