Diving around Nosy Iranja, Radama, Nosy Saba, and Nosy Lava in the same stay, in a "bivouac" setting, under a tent, and/or in a traditional hut.

The bivouac is highly adaptable; it’s possible to sleep in a tent every day or to alternate between tent and traditional hut. For example, the first night in Radama (traditional hut), the second and third nights in Nosy Lava (wild camping), and the last night in Radama (traditional hut). For longer stays, there are numerous possibilities (Nosy Iranja, Baie des Russes, Baramai River, etc.).

Practical info: Very enjoyable and diverse, but suitable for an informed audience; nighttime comfort is tent-style. During certain periods, it can get warm under the tent! No air conditioning, no fan.

Season: March-April-May-October-November-December; quite windy in June, July, August, and September.

Duration of stay 5 days /4 nights 6 days /5 nights 7 days /6 nights
Tarif 845 € 1025 € 1205 €