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Buy Adipex 37.5 Diet Pills

3 different areas for diving : The Nosy-Be-Nosy Sakatia area, Nosy Iranja area and Nosy Komba area .

Instructor training center.

4  small boats so you can choise the diving spot with max 8 diver on the boat and 2 instructors.

“Cross over” PADI instructor or CMAS instructor to SSI Instructor.

Free accomodation for the « backpacker » divers in the dive cente,2 dive = one night.

whale watching ( august to october) and swimming with whale shark ( oct-nov until middle december).We have also an “hydrophone” to listen the song of the whale.

Possible to eat in Nosy Sakatia,Nosy komba or Nosy Iranja after the diving.

Nitrox diving and training ( nitrox diver or instructor nitrox).

12 years working ( experience) in Nosy Be.
safety rules and safety gear as in european standards.
The BCD and regulator are new every year !safe !

12 years working ( experience) in Nosy Be.
safety rules and safety gear as in european standards.
The BCD and regulator are new every year !safe !

Special season in Nosy Be Madagascar:

  • Humpback whales(almost guaranteed) August September October ,(top in September).
  • Manta :May-June- august-september -october.
  • Whale Shark: October November middle december( almost guaranteed).
  • Omura’s whale : october- novembre -decembre
  • Hammerhead shark : december january


  • Your safety is our priority, being a instructor trainer center, we are obliged to take the lead on security!) we even have free accommodation for backpackers! (see section rate).
  • Diving with Scuba Nosy Be:
    4 Small boat : small group , maximum 8 divers on the boat , with 2 instructor.That’s mean, 4 boats = 4 differents diving spot.
    Maximum 3 level one per instructor.
  • Accommodation : In Nosy lodge , i can get one room with a very interesting price : 25 euros instead of 45 euros !! And the restaurant there is one of the best.

Buy Adipex 37.5 Diet Pills

Centre de plongée Nosy Be

Site de plongée Nosy Be