Dive Site In The Nosy-Be and Sakatia Areas


4 small to average size wrecks lying at 26-29 metres, covered with coral and home to thousands of fish: groupers, large stingrays, guitar rays, jackfish, barracudas, batfish …The visibility can sometimes be limited, but if you enjoy wreck diving and watching large shoals of fish, it is a wonderful dive. Money back if you guess the exact number of fish you saw, give or take fifty thousand!


A fantastic field of fan corals! 40 minutes away in a speed boat, this site is one of the 10 best sites around Nosy Be. It is best visited when the tide is rising. The plateau and the top of the drop-off are at 18-20 metres; there you will come across humphead parrotfish, jackfish, tunafish, Manta rays


(13-20m) nice spot,  can be average visibility or bad. You will find yourself surrounded by hundreds of « fan corail » (3 m wide !), giant turtles, seahorses, stingrays and crocodile fish. You will swim between the « gorgones » a unique and out of this world atmosphere. A fantastic view which seems to have been painted by an artist.If you come to Nosy be this dive is a must!!

Banc de l'entrée extérieur

(18-50m) drop off located fairly far from Nosy-Be, the visibility is often excellent,nice coral reef, but the interest of this dive is really the « pelagic » and black tail sharks and white tip reef sharks.

Manta Point

The site is 16km away (35 minutes in a speed boat). The main attraction is the Manta but unfortunately frequence varies from one year to another and it is not easy to determine a Manta ray season. Our option is to go there regularly, and, when Manta rays are spotted, to return frequently; on those occasions we feast our eyes and senses over a period of 2 or 3 weeks. The spot bottoms out at 18-21 metres, with small reefs dotted here and there, which provides a home for wrasse. Hence the presence of Manta rays that come here to be deparatised. Mobula rays are also frequently spotted at this site.

Shark point

Starting at 18 and going down to 50 metres, his drop off (wall) is an ocean site, situated relatively far from Nosy-Be. Visibility is often excellent. The coral reef is pretty, but the most interesting aspect of this dive are the pelagic fish and the reef sharks: whale sharks, blacktip reef sharks, whitetip reef sharks, grey reef sharks, and perhaps hammerhead sharks manta rays, mobulas – not to mention the humpback whales which can often be seen from the boat, between two dives.


20 m to 50 m , very nice field of fan coral , nice dive.

Le Dôme

40 m to 25 m ,nice Reef , the place to see the leopard shark.


2 spots in one.  First, at 20-23 metres, a beautiful field of fan corals, followed by a coral reef and  madrepora. You may well find small whitetip sharks, turtles, crocodile fish, nurse sharks , as well as nudibranchs, scorpion fish , blue-spotted sting rays an so on.


A very pretty reef  between 14-19 meters, with beautiful fan corals, scorpion leaf fish, stone fish, crocodile fish, nudibranchs, and large schools of fish. An easy diving sport (drift dive)

Banc 06

This spot is generally teeming with fish – an incredible number of shoals of fish frequent this shallow plateau situated at 14-19 metres, although from time to time, to the disappointment of divers, they disappear. A huge moray eel can sometimes be seen and there is sometimes a nice surprise in the form of a manta ray, a mobula or an eagle ray.

centre de plongée Madagascar

Abyss Aliochat

15 kilometres off Nosy Be (35 minutes by speed boat) this is a short dive, in view of the depth and profile, a drop-off and wall descending from 35 to over 60 metres. The wall sports beautiful fan corals, and there is a chance of seeing huge stingrays or leopard eagle rays. It is not particularly abundant in fish but there is good visibility.

Fusilers Bank

A shallow plateau situated at around 15-18 metres, a beautiful site often teeming with fish, where pelagic fish can be seen passing by. Many different shoals of fish are present: emperor fish, fusiliers, snappers, lunar-tailed bigeyes, surgeon fish, triggerfish and so on.  It is also a good site for other species: leaf scorpionfish,  frog-fish, stonefish, crocodile fish, nudibranchs,  scorpion fish, ghostfish, to name a few. A great dive!


A plateau lying at 13-19 metres, with a magnificent coral reef, one of the most beautiful in these waters. Fairly well stocked with fish (many large stone fish).


A drop-off starting at 18-22 metres. Plenty of fish, beautiful corals, grey and white-tipped reef sharks, turtles and a few other surprises. A great dive, and a safe bet,  best done when the tide is rising.

The Sakatia Arches

Rock lying at 23-24 metres, the top of the rock is at 19-20 metres. The spot is ideal for photographers. The rock has three small arches, allowing for three different entries, followed by an exploration of the plateau situated at 15 metres.


A drop-off going down to 40-65 metres, starting from a plateau at 18-22 metres. A beautiful drop-off with interesting relief, and lovely fan corals. Fish are not particularly abundant, but large specimens can sometimes be seen (sharks, or shoals of humphead parrotfish).