SSI Training

First Dive (Discover Scuba Diving)

A 15 mn briefing on the beach in Tanikely  National Parc, 5 mn of basic skills exercises in shallow water and after that a 50 to 60 exploration dive (up to 10 metres) hand in hand with your diving instructor.

Scuba diver : 200 euros

This certificate enables you to dive to a depth of 12m with a diving instructor. (It corresponds to almost half  of the Open Water certificate).
2 days training; minimum age :10 years.

Open water diver :365 euros

The first “real” diving level, enabling divers to go down to 18 metres (60 feet).
3 days training; minimum age :10 years.


19 specialties are avalaible with Scuba Nosy Be  : Wreck diving, Deep diving,  Diver stress and rescue, React right (first aid), Perfect buoyancy, Photo-vidéo, Navigation, Boat diving, Nitrox (enriched air) diving ,  Marine ecology, Equipment techniques, Fish identifaction, Coral identification, Computer diving, Shark ecology, Waves, tides and currents, Science of diving.
Duration : variable. Consult the tarif page pour more information..

Advanced Adventurer : 290 euro

For the diver who hasn’t decided what specialities he wants to take. 5 dives (introduction to speciality diving).

Advanced open water diver :

4 Spécialities + at least  24 dives ( log in your log book)

Master diver :

4 spécialities + Diver stress and rescue. Divers must have at least 50 dives their log book

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