Diving center location and diving gear

The diving center is located on Ambondrona beach, which is a 5 minute taxi ride or a 20 minute walk from Madirokely and Ambatoloka. The boats call at these three beaches to pick up divers in the morning and drop them off early afternoon.  The centre is just next to Nosy lodge, Palm beach resort and Ylang hotel, the Manga Be residences the “Hauts Manguiers”.  Various restaurants and small bars are just a stone’s throw away.

Ambondrona beach offers the double advantage of being both quietly recluded and near just about everything, including the animated bars and restaurants in Ambatoloaka ( 5 mn/0.5 €by taxi). It is 40 minutes from the airport and a 15 minute car drive from Hell-Ville. We are half way between the northern beaches (Andilana) and the “capital” town of hell-Ville.

Our diving equipement

Our diving center has 4 small boats which means that divers have a choice of four different destinations every day, while remaining in an intimate family atmosphere  max 10 people : 8 diver -2 dive guide per boat.

We have 95 tanks (15 litres or 12 litres, with one 6l tank for kids and 2*18l for “air monster”) in aluminium or steel ; 40 regulators and 40  BCD all of which are less than 6 months old; over 85 diving wetsuits (long and short), and more than100 pairs of fins. We also have equipement for night diving, nitrox diving, trimix and rebreather , first aid and pharmaceutical kits, and oxygen therapy  (6 litres on board, and few 50 litres at the Diving Centre). The Bauher compressor dates from september 2018)