R.E.E.F – Reef Exploration and Education Foundation

Dive into the heart of the ocean, dive into the heart of change !



R.E.E.F is a young Malagasy NGO, that is to say a non-profit organization. It was born as a joint initiative by people united by their love of scuba diving. An awareness regarding the dangers which are threatening the corals pushed them to find a scientific alternative to serve the conservation of the marine environment. Volunteers all across the globe are supporting this cause.


The corals

R.E.E.F is focused on coral reefs. Playing a fundamental role in the balance of the marine ecology, corals are necessary for the survival of the whole planet. Being a wonderful ecosystem but very vulnerable, coral reefs are being destroyed in the Nosy Be waters. For that reason, it is imperative for us to save this particular marine habitat.

Coral Aquaculture

R.E.E.F has adopted the coral aquaculture as its raison d’être. This aquaculture method consists of extracting pieces of coral from a site, propagating them and transplanting the corals back on the reef. Coral farming is an alternative method serving the purpose of restoring coral reefs. The team is involved in  interesting work with the prospect of regenerating corals.