Dive Site In The Nosy Iranja Areas

Roch gaby

drop off (40-70m) for experienced divers only, a good chance to see « big fish »,possibility to do the shallower site instead with sharks. unfortunately the coral reef has been destroyed, however there are sharks there regulary.

Other spots

Various drop offs between 20M and 80M, often with better visibility than on the Nosy Be sites, and frequent encounters with pelagic fish. Strongly recommended during peak periods when whales or whalesharks are present.  Another advantage is that one can visit Nosy Iranga after the dives – picture postcard beauty, a truly idyllic spot!


20m-43m : In terms of landscape, this is the most beautiful dive-spot in Nosy Be. Not particularly well-stocked with fish, but the landscape – a canyon filled with enormous gorgones – is superb. A magical experience!


Sugar Loaf : a huge coral rock, this site is by far the most colourful of all the sites in the area. One has the impression that an artist has painted the wall. A multitude of smaller fish, and a really beautiful dive.


Tagada: A drop-off going down to 40-65 metres, starting from a plateau at 18-22 metres. A beautiful drop-off with interesting relief, and lovely fan corals. Fish are not particularly abundant, but large specimens can sometimes be seen (sharks, or shoals of humphead parrotfish).

centre de plongée Nosy be