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The diving center is located 10 m from the nosy lodge on the anbondrona beach, Lots of hotels( Palm beach resort, ylang hotel), restaurants and small bars.

Our diving equipement

Our diving center has 3 boats Our diving center has different boats, which enable the individual diver to dive with a small amount of people (one boat carries 6 divers maximum, the 2 other boats maximum 8 divers, diving gear : 95 tanks : 15l, 12l and one 6l for kids. 25 « regulators» seac sub and 30 BCD ( less than one year) Over 85 diving wetsuits (long and short), and 100 pairs of fin. Equipement for night diving, nitrox,first aid kit, « oxygen therapy » « compressor » bauher ( from september 2017)

Buy Phentermine Thailand