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Scuba diver

Scuba diver : diver who is able to go down to 18m with an instructor. Level between the beginner’s and the first level (open water diver), international diploma, valid for life.

Open Water Diver

diver who is able to go down to 18m (international diploma, valid for life)

Advanced open water

Advanced open water : diver who can go down to 30m, training in 5 dive.( first dive from the specialties ; deep, navigation and 3 other you can choise).


Plus de 12 spécialités possibles : nitrox, profonde, nuit…

Rescue diver

life saving diver (international diploma, valid for life)


life saving course, and not only for divers (international diploma, valid for life)

Master scuba diver

Le plus haut niveau de plongeur chez PADI, c’est un plongeur Rescue ayant 5 spécialités .

Dive Master

First Professional level, underwater guide.

Assistant d’instructeur

Generic Ambien Northstar