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(26-29m) 4 wrecks “small to average size”, covered with coral, filled with thousands of fish,average visibility, but if one enjoys wreck diving and schools of fish ,it is a beautiful dive.


(13-20m) fabulous spot, one of the most beautiful, can be average visibility. You will find yourself surrounded by hundreds of « fan corail » (3 m wide !), giant turtles, seahorses, stingrays and crocodile fish. You will swim between the « gorgones » a unique and out of this world atmosphere. A fantastic view which seems to have been painted by an artist.If you come to Nosy be this dive is a must!!

Shark point

(18-50m) drop off located fairly far from Nosy-Be, the visibility is often excellent,nice coral reef, but the interest of this dive is really the « pelagic » and black tail sharks and white tip reef sharks.

Manta Point

The main interest in this dive is the Manta ray.


Rosario : 14-19 meters , nice reef , nice fan corals, scorpion leaf fish, stone fish, crocodil fish, nudibranchs,also school of fish…. easy diving spor : drift dive

Buy Alprazolam Tablets


Madrépore, 2 diving spot in one diving spot : first part : very nice field of fan corals and second part : field of corals table. Sometimes nurse sharck , nice also for small things : nudibranchs, crocodil fish , scorpion fish , blue sting ray…