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Where To Buy Qualitest Zolpidem

training nitrox diver CMAS 120+30€ .


Free transfer from hotel to center, according to the distance, please contact us.

Discover scuba diver 1* diver 2* diver 3* Nitrox Diver Oxygen provider Childreen diver
50€ 3 Days
350 € 540 € 990 € 180 € 90 € 365 €
Fee national parc : 20 000 ar Free accomodation for backpacker divers,simple but clean !

Price for SSI Instructor

Instructor SSI training : only internship  Training for free, only SSI fee 
Cross over  : to be instructor SSI. For PADI, CMAS …

Professionnel SSI

Dive guide and dive guide professionnel : internship

Cross over ( 4 days) : instructor PADI ( rstc) or cmas to  instructor SSI : 695 euros

Instructor  5 spécialities : 499 euros

Instructor Training Course :900 euros or free  internship (ITC)

Assistant instructor trainer : 900 euros

Divemaster :  internship

spécialities  Instructor   : 140 euros (look at diver specialties).

Instructeur react right : 220 euros

Instructeur exam : 400 euros (IE)

Where To Buy Qualitest Zolpidem