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Nosy-Be and Sakatia area, about 15 spots


Free transfer from hotel to center, according to the distance, please contact us.

1 dive 2 dives 6 dives 10 dives discover scuba Nitrox
Price (bottle & plombs) 40 66 190 290 50 extra charge : 7 euros per dive
Price (including materials) 45 72 208 320
The national marin park of Nosy Tanikely : 20 000 ar (6 -7 euros) not inclued in my price.

Free accomodation for backpacker divers,simple but clean!

Add 30 € per diver (2 dives) for Nosy Iranja and lunch (minimum 4 divers)

– Add 10 € per diver (2 dives) for Nosy Komba


Tarifs for PADI training

nitrox diver PADI :120 +30 €
Discover scuba Scuba diver Open water diver Adventure dive Advanced Open water EFR rescue 15 spécialitées MSD DM
50 € 155 € +45 € 320€ +45 € 135 €+45 € 245 €+45€ 65€+45 € 320€+40 € 40 € /dive
+ 30 € certification
Rescue + 5 spécialités 700€ in 14 days.
200 € 365 € 175 € 290 € 110 € 360 € Free in 3 months
National par fee : 20 000 ariary Free accomodation for backpacker divers,simple but clean !

Buy Soma Watson Overnight